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CV in English Ladislava Jančová

email:  Ladka.vw@gmail.com,Ladka.Jancova@seznam.cz , 




www.youtube.com /Ladkacat/ mozillafirefox

Ladislava Jancova CV

Ladislava Jančová was born on May the 17th 1974 in Czech Republic. She started to play piano since her 4 in Music school in Lipník nad Bečvou in Czech Rep. Important in her development were competitions in her childhood. When she was 8 years, she got 2. prize at piano competition for 4 hands together with boy [Marcel Javorček] in Frýdek Místek and another prizes also for solo piano in Czech Republic. She studied at Conservatory in Kroměříž and at Janáček Academy of Music of Arts in Brno. She got Diploma MgA. in 2000. She attended schoolarship to The Conservatory in Enschede in Holland, there she studied classical piano, jazz piano and organ, and she studied at Messiaen Academy in Holland too. Her debut were two very important concerts. In November 1993 she graduated Conservatory in Kromeříž with piano concerto C Minor Op.37 by L. v. Beethoven with Student orchestra of Conservatory and with the same orchestra she played Rhapsody in Blue by G. Gershwin in February 1994. On May 1999 she graduated at The Janáček Academy of Music of Arts in Brno with repertoire by J. L. Dusík, B. Martinů, D. D. Šostakovič and S.V. Rachmaninov. At the Conservatory in Enschede in Holland she played piano recital with programme by M. Ravel, B. Martinů and B. Bartok on September in 2000. During the time in 2004 /when the Czech Republic entranced to Europe Union/ she gave concerts with the choir /Cantus/  one selected from Czech Republic in England and Brussel and singer Dita Brlicová/ we played Dvořák too/. From July 2007 she starts to be active composer, her own pieces are recommended to young pianists or to students of artistic schools, because she has experiences with teaching of children and also adults.The biggest interest of public starts with her own piano composition Easter night composed in 1994 but after Easter in 2007 Ladislava performs it to public very often. In 2007 during summer she was invited to Medjugorje - Bosna Hercegovina and to Amsterdam in Holland to play her pieces. In 2008 during summer holiday she was invited to Belgium, there Ladislava played organ in churches in Harelbeke and also composed very active, she worked and gave concerts with singer Carine Viaene, with choir in Harelbeke. Till 2007 She worked as a pianist and piano teacher at Church Conservatory in Kromeriz, at Secondary schools with artistic specialization in Brno and in Music schools in Přerov, Lipník nad Bečvou, Hranice na Moravě. Nowdayes in artistic life she performs her own compositions during recitals, she gives piano recitals with music of another composers like barock, romantic, classical styles and music of 20. or 21. centuries and she accompanies professional musicians too. During her studying and also as a piano teacher she takes part in and gives Master classes. Master classes as a student / Brno, České Budějovice, Bechyně - she studied with Douglas Humpherys concerto Des dur by A. Chačaturjan there / Master classes as a teacher /EPTA/. There is Ladislava as a model in Nové Město na Moravě. She gives concerts during 2007 - 2011 /pianist, composer/. (2010 in Holland in Den Dolder - projekt Beeld van geen Droom together with artists Yudi Tajudin and Mella Jaarsma - composition and piano performance during movie shadows of people). During the times she gave concerts in Ignatiushuis in Amsterdam and another concerts in Holland, she made videoclip with her own compositions /Amsterdam Cats § Dogs in Park/ , she played piano with other musicians in Bimhuis in Amsterdam during workshops too, recording in Holland. From 2011 till 2020 worked in Music school in Holešov - pianist, teacher, composer. July 2012 - recording in Amsterdam. She gave recitals with singer Kateřina Jurášková, trumpet player Petr Jurášek, double bass player Michael Máša, flute player Sylvia Šimečková and Anna Pitrová and with  Corda Magico in Czech Republic. Recital with Corda Magico /solo piano - own compositions/ in Switzerland on July in 2013,

Festival židovské kultury Ha-Makom Holešov too, and another performances with cooperation with this group.

From 2013 till july 2019 she played organ in church of Saint Martin in Jezernice in Czech Republic. Summer 2014, 2015 Master Classes of composers in Kromeříž. Master classes Double bass club Bassfest in Banská Bystrica /2017, 2018/ On 2015 she played again Rhapsody in Blue by G. Gershwin during concert in Holešov, but with Big Band Holešov of Josef Hájek. In  2016 she parted in the competition The Pianist of the year 2016 in Prag. She makes videoclips with her music on youtube.com. In 2017, 2018, 2019 International competition Talent Awards - together with double bass player Michael Máša & Ladislava Jančová /Duo Dolce basso/ they got 1.prize in category music instruments professionals - seniors. In 2017 she parted in International Master classes Bass Fest in Bánská Bystrica in Slovakia, she played solo piano and duo with double bass player Michael Máša there. She parted in The Eight Piano Composition Competition Fidelio via the internet in 2018 /Spain/ with her own two piano pieces Oh, my Queen (third round) and Sea Stars (fourth round). She gave recitals with violinist Klára Švachová and double bass player Michael Máša. Ladislava publishes her piano pieces in 3 music scores: Amsterdam Cats&Dogs in Park, To Young artists, The Creation of the world. She recommend a lot of her own pieces to students and professional musicians and they performed her pieces during recitals at Castle in Holešov in Czech Republic in 2015, 2018. She made with her pupils in Music school in Holešov big projects, they performed her own pieces during performances of children stories  in Holešov /2015-2019/. Since 2011 She playes with pupils of children balet of Music school in Holešov during ballet performances there in Cinema Holešov in Czech Republic. She parted in the international competition Kaleidoscope 2019, there Ladislava sent her composition Basso concerto for double bass and orchestra.Since August 2019 a lot of own videoclips with her music improvisations on youtube.com. New compositions - Broadway /50 min.own music for Ballet/.Another performances with students and also solo pianist, harpsichord and flute player. 

10th Piano Composition Competition Fidelio via the internet in 2019-2020 /Spain/ .Own composition The Death-The life in Paradise /1.round/, Variations on the Theme of Gospa Majka /2. round/, Balade in d /3.round/.

Summer 2020

Gold Medal semifinale 



Videoclips by Ladislava Jančová /Czech Republic/

Pianist with kitten

Gold certificate semifinale Competiton 60 countries of the all world

Since 2019 Ladislava makes her music production/arts-music clips  /more as 120 work-music-production on youtube with her own music - improvisation -photopictures and so on.... 


Since 2020 Ladislava works in cooperation with Singer Dita Brlicová Rozumková/Czech Republic/



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